Explore the feminine wisdom in pregnancy and birth through the ancient practices of Yoga.

The 4th Trimester
‘Restore the Mother’

November 22nd – 24tH, 2019


Mindful Pregnancy is a highly reputable holistic yoga training school for woman in pregnancy, fertility, yin, postpartum and post-natal recovery.

Our post-natal training is the first of its kind to combine yoga principles with a ‘Core Restore’ series and Chinese medicine therapy “Zuo Yue Zi”.



The 3-day training course will encompass a TCM approach to postpartum recovery, and education for the students on the importance of restoring the body through Pilates principals for core conditioning, mobility, stability and helping women reclaim their connection to self through nurturing and nourishing themselves.




November 22nd – 24th 2019


This a 3 day training course with 20 contact hours.


Eleven40 Studio
1140 Malvern Rd

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About the training

Pregnancy and labour can be challenging on a woman’s body. Carrying and nurturing a baby for nine-months can take a physical and emotional toll, alongside labour and birth. After the birth, it can be very easy for new mother’s to be absorbed in feeding and looking after their new-born baby, that can they often forget to look after themselves and let their bodies heal and recover.

If women in our communities can be educated on postpartum to healing their body through muscular and facial awareness to assist ‘close the body’ after birth it can help her reclaim her sense of self and prevent further muscular pains, stiffness, mobility and future injuries long term.

Mindful Pregnancy believes the first 40 days is a pivotal time to healing the mother post birth. This Post-natal yoga training helps to facilitate the closing of the body through awareness to the core body, mindful movement, balancing asanas, breathing, restoring and healing the postpartum mother physically, emotionally, hormonally and spiritual.


The training combines current evidence based research in both eastern and western cultures creating a course for women to support women in the yoga community and beyond.


Course Objectives

This course aims to share how you as a practitioner can support your students during their postpartum recovery and post natal period. Practices are taught within the context of postnatal anatomy and physiology, yogic and Chinese medicine philosophy and Pilates principles. MPYTT understands and respects that each woman’s experience and journey of pregnancy, birth and recovery is individual.

  • Provide women with yoga practices especially tailored to the needs of the postnatal body to recover after pregnancy and birth and regain postural and hormonal balance.

  • Learn to teach safe and effective practices to women after birth and within group class settings.

  • How to differentiate between baby blues, depression, postpartum anxiety disorders and ptsd.

  • To learn about Mothering with Mindfulness and how you can integrate mindfulness techniques into your post-natal classes

  • Students will learn how to strengthen the postpartum body.

  • To understand the changes in the uterus, cervix, vagina, perineum, breasts and hormones.

  • Students will learn a holistic approach to creating pelvic floor tone, core strength, pelvic stability, and spinal alignment through MPYT original ‘core restore’ four part series

  • To learn specific asanas and exercises for reconditioning the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles

  • All practices are progressive meaning that each woman’s needs are acknowledged and accounted for, allowing women after caesarean births and those with pelvic floor damage to be included.

  • Physical, emotional, hormonal and spiritual aspects of yoga are brought together to ensure a solid foundation for wellbeing as a new mother

  • Students will learn how asanas can be adapted progressively so each woman can recover through the postnatal year, from supine, seated, all fours and prone positions, kneeling and standing postures.

  • The yoga taught on this course ranges from gentle and restorative practices to dynamic asana movements and can benefit women new to yoga as well as advanced yoga practitioners.

  • To understand the social context of mothering in the modern world

  • Learn to close the body in the postpartum period through Chinese Medicine principle

  • Learn to contract and restore the expanded uterus using Zuo Yue Zi

  • Expand your understanding in using food as medicine in the first 40 days.



• Postpartum Yoga Asana Practice /Postpartum Conditions & Modifications

• Postpartum Anatomy including Diastasis, C section and the Pelvic Floor

•Restore your core — the four series

•Pelvic floor and abdominal conditioning

•Facial slings and postural awareness

•Myo fascial release techniques for the post natal mother

• Recovery & Yoga Asana Modification for Cesarean

• Benefits of yoga for Postpartum Depression and Poses for Nursing

• Restorative and Relaxation techniques for mother

• Traditional Wisdom – a history of Postpartum care in Chinese Medicine

• Why is Postpartum care so important?

• The 5 Pillars of postpartum care — retreat; warmth; support; rest; nourishment

• Treatment; Days 1-7; 8-15; 16-22; 23-40 (common postpartum conditions; red flags and when to refer)

• Zuo Yue Zi for a modern society

• Postpartum Food as Medicine



Early Bird Price $750 if paid in full before 30th September. Full Price $799. We are also offering two part payments of $399 each to be paid by 30th September and $400 by 1st November.


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The course is open to:

Yoga Teachers
Qualified Yoga Teachers
Maternity and Health Professionals
Pre-natal Pilates Teachers
Pilates Teachers
Chinese Medicine Practitioners