Explore the feminine wisdom in pregnancy and birth through the ancient practices of Yoga.

Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training



MPYTT Intensive will teach yoga teachers and birthing professionals holistic tools and techniques that will assist mamas-to-be in their journey.

Training is open to all health professionals, childbirth educators, doulas, mamas-to-be and yoga teachers interested in offering a complimentary, mind-body approach to pregnancy, birth and parenting.



Explore the feminine wisdom in pregnancy and birth through the ancient practices of Yoga.


MPYTT Intensive

  • Non-residential 8 day intensive (Wednesday – Thursday)

  • Observation (Prenatal Yoga Class – in house)

  • Practical Assessment (Daily teaching & sequencing)

  • Written Assessment (Class plan & Case studies)

  • Contact Hours: 85



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Course Structure

Whether you are looking to hold specialist prenatal classes or you want to integrate expectant mums into your general class – our course is for you. We start with our foundations then build on our knowledge and practice, where you really begin to deepen your connection to self, completing the training with integration and immersion of knowledge and teaching. 

Asana CliniC  

Gain teaching experiencing from the very beginning, receiving coaching and feedback throughout the entire course. In our Asana clinic you will learn sequencing and inspirational class theming with hands on assisting. 


The Foundations

  • The effects of pregnancy on the mind and body
  • Self care and 7 keys to awakening your inner goddess
  • Alignment and safety guidelines 
  • Asana Clinic, MPYTT Prenatal class foundations and first trimester. Postures to support a healthy pregnancy, modifications for each trimester, contraindicated postures and sequencing
  • Asana Practice
  • The benefits of yoga for pregnancy 
  • Experience how basic teachings of yoga philosophy can empower women through each trimester
  • Understand the three trimesters & common complications in pregnancy
  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy
  • Hormonal, physical and emotional changes during pregnancy

Deepen your knowledge

  • How to modify asana using props
  • Understanding femininity and masculinity. The role of yin and yang in childbirth 
  • Explore yogic philosophies & the 8 limbs as they relate to pregnancy and motherhood.
  • The effect of Pregnancy on the Chakra system, Koshas and Nadis. 
  • Use of language, tone, voice and gentle touch in MPYT yoga classes.
  • Understand the anatomy and fascial integration of the female pelvis & uterus 
  • Caring for the sacroiliac joint, back pain and guidelines during pregnancy 
  • Conditioning core and pelvic floor strengthening 
  • Types of movement
  • Sequencing and theming.
  • Asana Clinic, Second and third trimester



Immersion and Teaching

  • Partner MPYT yoga – a focus on partner asana and a mindful connection.
  • Nutritional guidelines and alternative remedies for pregnancy
  • Understand the difference between giving advice and giving information
  • Asana clinic: Group work
  • Learning through observation
  • Day immersion exploring our femininity and the power of women-hood 
  • Restorative Yoga in Pregnancy

  • Active birth Yoga Poses including labouring positions and birth preparation to empower women during childbirth
  • The different stages of labour
  • Mantras, sound and tone work for a more focused and relaxed birth.
  • Meditation and pranayama during pregnancy and birth.


  • Registered Yoga Teacher (Min 200-500 hours) or

  • Regular Yoga Practice Minimum 6 months or

  • Midwife/student, childbirth educator/doula or health professional (you will need to have at least 6 months regular yoga practice). The training will increase your knowledge working one on one with women in your clinic/work place, teaching proven MPYT mind/body techniques for health and wellness during pregnancy.

Midwife/student, childbirth educator/doula or health professional: 

  • Complete the PreNatal & PostNatal TT & you can apply to be a Registered PreNatal Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance
  • Complete our Fertility and Yin Yoga Teacher Training certification and you will qualify for complete registration of  200hrs total in Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS).


Early bird $1599 before August 1st. Full payment after August $1749 can be paid in three installments. Places are limited to 20. 


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Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Training
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