Explore the feminine wisdom in pregnancy and birth through the ancient practices of Yoga.

Myofascial Fertility Yin Teacher Training

NEXT TRAINING DATE AUGUST August 28th – sept 5th, 2020


Myo Fertility Yin Teacher Training (MFYTT) offers a way to support fertility naturally, offset the stress associated with fertility challenges, improve chances of conception and healthy pregnancy. Yoga for fertility is recommended by fertility doctors, endocrinologist as well as acupuncturists, physiotherapists and naturopaths. 



Our mission is to provide you with a fertility based asana and yin yoga teacher training that combines the latest research, with the wisdom of yoga and traditional Chinese medicine.  Our unique training  symbolises the duality of yin and yang, where east meets west.  

MFYTT Certificate

  • Non-residential 9 day intensive

  • Observation (Yoga Class – in house)

  • Practical Assessment
    (Daily teaching & sequencing)

  • Written Assessment (Class plan & Case studies)

  • Contact Hours: 80

  • Non-contact: 20



August 28th – Sept 5th 2020


Eleven40 Studio
1140 Malvern Road


9:30 – 6:30pm
(some days 9am – 6pm)


About the course

The 100 hour Specialist fertility and yin yoga teacher training program is taught by Dr Amanda Waaldyk a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Fertility Yoga Teacher Phoebe Cole a Myotherapist, Pre and post natal Pilates & Yoga Teacher.  Combing over twenty years of clinical experience, together Amanda and Phoebe have created an innovative and modern training that has a “whole body approach”. Incorporating myo-fascial release and yin yoga into the training program helps the body and nervous system to remove trauma, so the body can rebuild and reach full restoration in all areas. This is a key concept when it comes to conceiving. 


One in six couples are diagnosed with infertility, with the latest research indicating that females over the age of 35 have a one in three chance of having fertility issues


Course Objectives

  • The impact of fertility in today’s modern world

  • The relationship between stress and fertility 

  • The effects of fertility challenges on relationships, work and social considerations

  • What to say and What not to say to your fertility clients

  • Learn about the reproductive cycle, charting and emotional considerations.

  • How to provide physical and emotional support throughout the monthly menstrual cycle, IVF and miscarriage.

  • Learn about the nature of fascia and connective tissue in Fertility Yin

  • Learn the anatomy trains in fertility.

  • Provide education on how connective tissue in the body plays a significant role in maintaining the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine system

  • Learn specific MFYTT fertility Myofascial Release patterns (Chi Ball).

  • Understand the importance of body wisdom.

  • Effective mind body techniques to help your clients create a sense of calm throughout their fertility journey.

  • Provide and explore various forms of meditation, visualizations and breath work for fertility

  • Learn and understand the benefits of yoga for fertility

  • Learn postures and practices to avoid during menstruation and IVF cycles.

  • Activate fertility acupressure points.

  • Learn to shift breathing patterns to invoke deep relaxation of the pelvic floor and openness.

  • Heal and support the body from a Yogic and Chinese Medicine Perspective.

  • Learn Phased yoga sequencing and yoga poses to optimise the four phases of the reproductive cycle (Menstruation, Follicular, Ovulation and Luteal)

  • Learn & practice yoga poses specifically designed to enhance fertility and reduce anxiety

  • Learn to use sample programs and outlines to begin your own yoga for fertility class

  • Learn how to support couples by offering yoga for fertility for couples class – group and private

  • Establishing safety and trust with your participants

  • How to effectively market your class and build community of support with other fertility focused practitioners

  • How to create a sense of community and support


Training Topics

  • Yoga for Fertility: Benefits and Goals

  • What is Yin yoga and how does this work on the systems

  • Fertility Foundations: physiology of fertility, understanding monthly cycles & the fertility process

  • Asana Clinic. Understanding the benefits of poses

  • Myofascial release techniques with chi balls

  • Yoga for Fertility sequences for each cycle phase

  • Structuring a Yoga for Fertility class

  • Pranayama and mediation for fertility support

  • Reproductive Medical Terminology and aspects of fertility treatments

  • The Anatomy of Stress and fertility

  • Emotional/psychological considerations specific to fertility

  • Opportunity teaching practice with other students

  • The endocrine system: impact of endocrine issues on fertility

  • Acupressure points and how they influence the endocrine system

  • Chakras and the endocrine system

  • Visualizations, affirmations and mantras for fertility

  • Womb Clearing with Moxa & Massage

  • Working with Class Themes

  • Teaching Yoga for Fertility for men and couples

  • Diet, nutrition and Lifestyle impacts on fertility

  • Using yoga to help clear emotional & psychological blocks to fertility



  • Registered Yoga Teacher (Min 200-500 hours) or

  • Regular Yoga Practice Minimum 6 months or

  • Midwife/student, childbirth educator/doula or health professional (you will need to have at least 6 months regular yoga practice). The training will increase your knowledge working one on one with women in your clinic/work place, teaching proven MPYT mind/body techniques for health and wellness during pregnancy.


Midwife/student, childbirth educator/doula or health professional 

  • Complete the PreNatal & PostNatal TT & you can apply to be a Registered PreNatal Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

  • Complete our MPYTT certification and you will qualify for complete registration of 200hrs total in Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS).



Early bird price is $1699 if paid in full, before December 31st 2019. Full price is $1899 from January 1st 2020.

Payment plans are avaIlable, contact us to find out more. 



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