Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training makes yoga accessible to women in their childbearing years, by creating teachers that are consciously connected and educated on the pregnancy journey to motherhood. 



Our trainings, workshops and retreats are steeped in the wisdom of yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and include modern research, clinical experience and knowledge from the obstetric, midwifery and physiotherapy community.

Our dynamic and interactive training methods are suited to all styles of learning and belief systems. We provide a high level of learning, mentorship and community building in our teacher training that students learn how to replicate into their yoga classes.

Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Training is recognised as a registered prenatal yoga school by Yoga Alliance.


Amanda Waaldyk and Phoebe Cole have had 20 wonderful years’ experience in their industries fuelled by a passion for women’s health and healing. They have combined their knowledge to form a training that teaches women on finding their inner goddess, learning the power of the female body, mind and spirit so they too can teach and share their knowledge to the wider community. 

"We both have seen and assisted the pregnancy journey in our clinical practice and want to be able to help those who teach yoga learn more about how to support the physical body in a group setting, integrating the balance between  flexibility/ freedom and strength/ stability in both mind and body."

Phoebe Cole and Amanda Waaldyk met each other on their massage tables in clinic, treating each other with acupuncture and myotherapy. After having long chats about women’s health, fertility and pregnancy, they felt something was missing in the industry around prenatal & postpartum education. Together they merged their ideas and 10 years clinical experience and MPYT (Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Training) was born. 

If we only have flexibility and suppleness in our asana practice, it can show we don’t have enough stability to keep our body and joints safe. Being only strong, means we have short muscles and fascia. We can’t fully expand and find the freedom and bliss in our poses from the physical body to the organ body. When we find this bliss it becomes a mindful practice of yoga, to be fully immersed and aware of the physical, emotional and mental both on and off the mat..

'Sthira Sukham Asanam' is one of the most quoted Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It means a yoga posture should be steady, firm and stable, yet also comfortable, light and delightful.

By bringing this training, we want our students to be able to teach other woman the balance of a flexible mind to a strong and connected physical body, so that women feel stable and grounded for their journey. Empowering women to feel in control, excited and educated on their path to motherhood.


Dr Amanda Waaldyk


Amanda is a renowned Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture located in Melbourne. Amanda is the founder and Director of Angea Acupuncture and Yoga. She specializes in fertility, pregnancy and labour.  Helping thousands of women achieve their dreams of pregnancy through the Angea Method, Fertility and prenatal yoga. 

Amanda has worked and studied internationally with some of the best fertility experts in both Chinese Medicine and Yoga. 

She has created successful online yoga courses, is an author, blogger and a proud mother of two.

Amanda’s vision is to create a worldwide community where women can join together to share and connect and know they are not alone on their journey to motherhood.



Phoebe Cole


Phoebe has had a passion for discovering and unlocking the body’s potential in all aspects of physical, nutrition, body and mind. Phoebe is a Pilates, Yoga and Myotherapy practitioner based in Melbourne and is the founder of restore body, she loves to help and restore people to complete health

Phoebe treats people with muscular pain and dysfunction affected by injury, movement or common postural strain. Phoebe’s interests extended to training in hip conditions and the rehabilitative stage working alongside orthopaedic surgeons following arthroscopy. Phoebe has also completed the post graduate training in the management of neck pain dysfunction, TMJ (temperomandibular joint) disorders, shoulder conditions and headaches. She has a passionate interest in womens health and rehabilitation and prevention of pain during pregnancy and has furthermore completed her qualification in Clinical Pilates with Dance Medicine Australia Clinical Pilates, APA Physiotherapy Certification and Pilate’s international, Aligned for Life diploma.

Phoebe has extended her skillset so she can truly offer individual solutions to and pain or restriction to restore the body back to optimum health. Phoebe's mission is to guide women through the physically the childbearing journey, as in clinic she sees women aren’t being educated by their doctors on the importance of body and pelvic conditioning throughout, after and leading up to pregnancy. Phoebe would like to be a leader in the pre and post-natal field helping women feel empowered in their femineity, and strong and connected to the body physically